Different Models of a Towing Truck

Tow trucks are normally utilized to haul away other vehicles, which have failed because of either mechanical errors or were involved in an accident. Some can be owned by private individuals that earn their living by removing vehicles from highways, ditches and roads etc. Some, though, can be governmental trucks that used to check roads and highways for any stranded drivers. Some companies will also own a towing truck, which will only be used to tow their own company vehicles.

There are up to now 3 types of tow trucks, flat beds, wheel lifts and hook and chains. Hook and chain trucks are very rarely used these days. Mostly because of the damage they do when they are hooked up to a vehicle. The operator will wrap the chain around a vehicle’s axle or frame. This does in fact create more damage than there already could be. So this kind of tow truck is mostly reserved for severely damaged vehicles, which no long have any front or back tires.

Wheel lift trucks are very similar to the one mentioned above; however, they use a metal yoke in place of the chain. This is attached to the front or back wheels of a vehicle that will be towed away. Using a pneumatic hoist, the back or front part of a vehicle is raised off the ground while it is being towed.

Flatbed tow trucks have a large bed to the rear of it. With the help of hydraulics, the bed can be raised or lowered to create a ramp. The vehicle in question can be driven or winched onto the bed. After the car is secured, the hydraulics will then level the flatbed out. These tow trucks are the more popular method for hauling vehicles, as they place no pressure on the damaged vehicle, nor will it be dragged for a certain period of time.

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