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How Long Does One Wait for a 24 Hr Towing Service

Average Waiting Times for Roadside Assistance

Generally, the estimated time 24 Hr towing assistance to reach the destination will greatly depend on where the help is being asked for. If the breakout is undeniably distant from the help zone, the waiting time could be longer, and vice-versa. However, there are still quite a few more reasonable answers to the question of ‘how long does it take for breakdown assistance to reach you,’ so stay on this blog to find out more.


1. Most roadside assistance companies say that it can take them approximately 46 minutes from receiving the call to reaching the customer, which implies you can expect your assistance to reach you around that mark.

2. Also, most companies say that on average, a roadside assistance service can take anywhere between 50-60 minutes to reach a customer, or more depending on the weather, the distance, and the service that was requested.

3. The fastest arrival time recorded of a roadside assistance company is by American Automobile Association, which was 35 minutes. It is the shortest assistance time recorded so far.

4. The duration of the roadside assistance to arrive may also depend on the type of service that was requested. For example, the likes of a jump start, flat tire, and tire changing services may reach you sooner than a towing service will. The reason behind this is, tire or jump-start service equipment is easy to handle, i.e., they can fit everything in a toolkit, whereas a tow truck may take some time in certain weather conditions. Not to mention the size of your vehicle will also factor into the arrival time.


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